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  • FAYSEL GROUP encompasses in itself the following companies:

    FAYSEL Construction & Logistics Co., Yalsel Service, Metcon Prefabric Container Metal Construction, Yuksel Deniz Insaat Otomotiv, Caravan Food & Logistics LLC,International Building System LLC.


    The first of the companies of the Faysel Group FAYSEL Construction & Logistics Co. was founded in 1999 by Turkish businessmen in Turkey. FAYSEL GROUP has a successful experience in multitude of projects from supply of construction materials, furniture, security fencing construction of morale and force protection facilities, fitness center, latrines, prefabricated and containerized barrack buildings to private sector and to the US Government at Karshi-Khanabad, Uzbekistan; Bagram, Afghanistan and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


    Faysel Group has been made numerous projects in superstructure and steel construction works for years and still actively continues to make a service in the industrial building projects.


    Faysel Group recently has achieved the same success in the infrastructure projects. One of the infrastructure projects that have been realized is the "Semerkand Wastewater Treatment Plant" project in Semerkand city of Uzbekistan.

    At the present time, Our development sewerage system projects is continue in the Djizzak city of Uzbekistan with "Shindong Enercom" and "Akelik Group" companies. In this sewerage projects We are using GRP and Corrugated Pipe and the size of Pipes are between 250mm to 1200mm dia pipe. After the pipe and manhole assemblies are done, the asphalting works of the roads are doing by Faysel Group.


  • Our services

    We continue to produce without compromising on quality manufacturing and on-time delivery principles in the projects we perform in Turkey and abroad.

  • Why Choose Us

     • We Are Passionate On Business

    We keep abreast of the informatics, science and technology that are developing day by day, and we follow the most up-to-date engineering programs and the most advanced construction technologies and materials for investments in order to better serve your investments.

      • Honesty And Reliability Our Policy

    For us, being honest and reliable is the most important principle of the sector we serve. Our references and completed projects are the most important indicators of our commitment to these principles.

     • Our Service Quality

    In our completed and ongoing projects, our approach from the technical and scientific point of view continues to perfect the investments made with the quality of the service we provide.

  • News

    Taskent Tata Hotel completed successfully by Faysel Construction

    Our work at the K-2 base, which is used as the main hub of the military logistics support and operation in Karshi-Uzbekistan, has been completed.


    Concretebatching plant belonging to our own with we serve

    FAYSEL Construction has been doing the security wire mesh and barbed wire applications successfully and carefully.

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